For over 20 years the concept of The Glass Gardener has been taking shape. Combining our expert knowledge of Art Glass craftsmanship and Horticulture. Through these two passions we are proud to present The Glass Gardener. Specializing in One-Of-A-Kind And Limited Edition Hand Blown Sculptural Horticulture.

Our Vision is to curate artwork that creates lasting memories, inspire the imagination amd bring even more beauty and joy into the world.

Creating A business around artistry is wonderful, Although our motivation is driven by sharing love and beauty with our clients and patrons.

Our mission is to inspire and impact the masses on a global scale.

Not only do we love to share our sculptures with the world, We truly have a passion for sharing our knowledge to both professionals and the general public.

We take pride in our elite world class staff and believe sharing our expertise is important as it is vital to the preservation of the arts and sciences for future generations to come.

We are thrilled you are here with us.


Mitchell McCormack